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eOne vs. Microsoft Fabric & Power Apps

Why is eOne the right Microsoft Fabric & Power Apps alternative for you?

Microsoft’s Power App suite gives a range of tools that check the box for workflow and reporting but are not set up to scale for complex ERP business processes like order-to-cash or full eCommerce integration. No need to go into sticker shock over Microsoft Azure Logic Apps and the price of hiring the developers to complete your project. eOne has you covered connecting all sorts of apps to your ERP without code and plays extra nicely with the Microsoft stack.

7,000+ businesses of all shapes and sizes

are integrating their data with eOne

Online Directory Service

Consumer Electronics

IT Consultancy

Software Provider

IT Consultancy

Media & Journalism

Top 3 reasons mid-market companies choose eOne’s data management suite

Own and streamline your ERP and CRM data integration like a pro.

Less code, less code, less code.

All the power, none of the code (and risks)

Seamlessly integrate, migrate, report, and automate business processes among popular platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Business Central and Finance & Operations, as well as Microsoft’s legacy Dynamics ERP solutions (GP, NAV, SL). Expand your reach with Oracle NetSuite, Acumatica, databases, APIs, and a wide array of file types. No reliance on developers to write and document code, just boundless flexible integration possibilities in a no-code interface.

Easy DIY integrations

Trust your team with the keys 

Say goodbye to constantly relying on developers and hello to accelerated results. eOne’s tools put you back in the driver’s seat with flexible options and customization at your fingertips. Set up, source, create, work with, and share data your way.

Your success is our success

Backed by real, human support  

When things get tricky, eOne’s ERP gurus are ready to help. We know you don’t always want to talk and have great documentation, help articles, and training options available. When you would like to talk or online chat, we always listen, find a solution, and take customer product feedback for our roadmap (300+ updates just recently). Pick what’s best and stay ahead of the game.

Think you need Azure Logic Apps for your ERP integration? Think again.

Get a full data management suite that lets you future-proof your integration, migration, and reporting requirements.

File integration

Seamlessly refresh your Excel reports and effortlessly push data from Excel to your desired destination with just a click.

Multi-system integration

Generate data exactly when and where you need it, connecting your cloud and on-premise apps. No coding required.

Virtual integration 

Make your data easily accessible and presentable within your app. Embed data as list views, card widgets, graphs, summaries, and more.

Data migration

Archive and access historical data, existing reports, and databases using Popdock. Quickly combine data between your old and new app for comprehensive insights.

Data lake management & access

Store any data in a data lake and use Popdock as the gateway for users to access, report, and share data in real-time.

Self-service reporting

Empower users to find answers to their data questions with intuitive real-time reporting. Users can query data across apps, create and share favorites, apply filters, group data, and more.

Cross app reporting

Unlock better insights and work smarter by combining data from multiple apps. Use custom list reporting to join, merge, compare, and summarize data from various sources.

Embedded reporting

Embed Popdock widgets of external or related data, giving users quick access to their favorite reports and providing them with interactive options.

eOne + Microsoft’s suite, a match made in heaven

Move faster on our migration, reporting, and BI requirements.

Simplify data migrations.

Archive to data lakes and real-time access

Historical data is usually the most complicated and expensive part of migration projects.  Yet, users still need access to it.

eOne’s Popdock makes it easy for non-developers to archive their on-premise data to cost-effective data lakes and provides an interface for users to access any data lake data. 

It’s all about the details

Popdock vs. PowerBI 

What’s the difference? Popdock is all about the details and letting users answer their own data questions in real-time with a super-powered query engine and a simple user interface. While you don’t have a pretty fish chart available, you have tons of flexibility, analysis options, and a core set of the most popular chart types.

Clicks, not code

BI prep made easier 

Popdock is a game changer for BI data projects where you are looking to feed data into PowerBI. Use Popdock’s intuitive interface to join and query all the right sources, tables, add in calculations/restrictions, and publish a Popdock API to use in PowerBI.

What some of our 7,000+ newfound data enthusiasts say:

Working with SmartConnect and the eOne team, we are saving between $15,000 and $17,000.
It is great to find one tool that does everything we need

, IT & Network Manager at Forbes
Testimonial image -

Before SmartConnect was in place, this was all done manually and was taking an extreme amount of time. The whole process from start to finish was eating a few days for at least 2 people. Now, with SmartConnect, we’re down to minutes a day for these orders

Blake Miller, IT & Network Manager at Frame USA
Testimonial image - Blake Miller

We have 50+ clients that leverage multiple eOne solutions and lean on their easy-to-use technologies.

Jacqueline Edwards, IT & Network Manager at SONOS
Testimonial image - Jacqueline Edwards

Simplify and take control of your integration game 

  • Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite, Acumatica, APIs, and more
  • Cloud or on-premise, you choose what works best for you
  • Get dedicated assistance from seasoned integration specialists from start to finish