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Support Plans

Available July 1, 2024

Starting July 1, 2024, eOne Solutions is introducing support plans that are available with SmartConnect and Popdock subscription plans (Business Plan & above).

Essential Included in Business, Premium & Enterprise Plans

  • 2 Incidents Per Month
  • Dynamic Response based on Queue
  • Support Hours: 8am-5pm CST (USA), 8am-5pm CET (EMEA) Weekdays
$500 USD / per month

Popular Better SLA’s + Escalation Options

  • Better SLA’s + Escalation Options

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  • Target Response Time : 8 business hours
  • Support Hours: 1am-5pm CST (USA), 8am-Midnight CET (EMEA) Weekdays
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Email, Chat & Phone
Custom Quote
Custom If your scenario requires any of these considerations, contact sales.

  • Unlimited Incidents

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  • Target Response time: Custom
  • Extended Support Hours
  • Custom # of Escalation Incidents
  • You’re on an Enterprise Plan for SmartConnect or Popdock

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SmartConnect provides data integration between business applications. SmartConnect is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that is designed for the technical end user, IT team, and systems analysts. The SmartConnect platform gives you control to build, modify, and manage the integrations that connect your business software together.

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