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Plans and pricing

Basic Starter level for your first integration
$250 USD / per month

  • 2 connections
  • Dual use to and SmartConnect On-Premise
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Excel Add-In
  • Introductory Training
Business Full power of SmartConnect + Unlimited Support
$500 USD / per month

  • 5 connections
  • Everything in basic
  • Unlimited email, chat & phone support
  • Smartconnect API
Premium Premium Connectors + Training and Support
$850 USD / per month

  • Premium items???
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Access & Usage

Price per Month


Connections Included

Per and in each SmartConnect On-Premise Install




Additional Connections

Premium Plan customers many purchase additional connections.

$100 each/month


Unlimited users are included with all plans.




Integration Processes

Unlimited integration processes are included with all plans. 




Data Processing

Unlimited data processing are included with all plans.



Unlimited Account

1 Account is included in each plan. 




SmartConnect On-Premise

Install up to 4 SmartConnect instances with each plan.




SmartConnect Excel Add-In

Allow users to run integrations from Microsoft Excel.




Connect to any software

Pre-Built Standard Business App Connectors

To Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, databases and more. 
See integrations available

Pre-Built Premium Business App Connectors

To Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Universal REST API Connection

Configure connections to the API of your app.

Universal Graph API Connector

Configure connections to your Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Outlook for file integration scenarios.

Unlimited File Integration

Unlimited File Integration with one connection used per plan.

Custom Connection Building

Build and template custom connections.

Cloud and On-Premise Connect

Connect apps in your environment to the cloud

100% Configurable Automation and Logic


Create a webhook URL and attach to any webhook enabled application

Event-based triggers

For Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Salesforce and SQL.

Batch & Bulk Integrations

Run on a schedule, ongoing, or as a bulk push.

Changes Only Integrations

Run integrations on the deltas since the last scheduled run.

Trigger file integration from an FTP or Folder Data Source

Bulk, real-time and scheduled changes-only options available.

Trigger file integration from Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook

Bulk and scheduled changes-only options available.


Run your integrations at the right time. 

Trigger Integrations in Sequence

Chain integrations to run in the right order.

Automate multi-company integration logic

Send data into the right company or organization based on your data. 

Email alerts

Trigger an email to your team to alert based on failures and sucesses of full process runs or at a document level.

Microsoft Teams Alerts

Trigger a message notification to your team to alert based on failures and sucesses of full process runs or at a document level.

Tasks to execute steps

Run steps before or after an integration process or a document run suceeds or fails.

Enjoy an Intuitive User Experience

Simple point-click, flexible mapping

Map your data between your source and destination. 

Clone Integration Processes

Save time to create your next integration with integration process cloning. 

Re-Use Sources

Set up your source and use it in multiple integration processes.

Re-Use Custom Connections

Use your custom connections in multiple integrations and in multiple accounts. 

Export and Import Integration Process Packs

Applies to integration processes, variables and related connections

Data Transformations and Lookups

Use Data Transformations & Lookups to ensure data is in the right format and relationships are in place as you generate data.

Preview Integration Runs

See preview of the integration run and results. 


Add notes and descriptions to reference on each integration process.

Monitor Progress

Know if your integration failed or succeeded

View errors, fix and retry

Use the interface to see what failed, fix and re-submit the lines to execute.

Group and Subgroup Integrations

Organized your integrations by category with drag and drop grouping.

Configurable Dashboard

Pin the details that you want to see in your dashboard.

Account Switching

In, switch between accounts.

Advanced Capabilities for IT & Devs

Call the SmartConnect API

Pass data and run an integration via the SmartConnect API.

Scripting in Calculations

Use Javascript scripting in your calculation. .Net scripting is available in SmartConnect on-premise as well.

Scripting as a Task

Run a Javascript script pre- or post integration process run.

Log errors, successes, source data and XML

Log retention

Flexible log retention policies to fit your requirements. 

Create custom API Connections

Use the REST API Connection create and template your API connection details.

List Handling

Pagination for larger lists

Advanced Multi-Data Source Queries

Use the Popdock Connection for advanced multi-data source queries.

Parallel Processing

Split integration process into parts for simultaneous execution. Available for specific connections.

Real Support & Training

Unlimited Email, Phone, and Chat Support

12 hours a day between 5am CDT to 5pm CDT Monday-Friday.


Introductory Training

For both and SmartConnect On-premise

SmartConnect Bootcamp Pass

Deep dive hands-on training.  Available online and in-person.

4 Hours of Professional Services

Consulting service hours may be used for training or help implementing your project.

Annual Integration Health Check & Report

The equivalent of 2 hours of professional services.


Yes, you can pre-pay for multiple months at the eOne Shop.

Popdock customers choose one of our three plans based on total Popdock users and the number of queries they will be using.

Virtual integration and the features related to it are included with our Popdock pricing plans. You can learn more about pricing for virtual integration here, and Popdock plans can be purchased at the eOne Shop.