One of the questions I seem to get all day, every day is “how do I move forward with SmartConnect?” You’ve seen a demo at Convergence, from your partner or you attended one of our public demo sessions and know that SmartConnect is the solution for you. Here are the 4 steps you’ll want to take to move forward:
Step 1: Get Your Questions Answered
If you still have questions as to whether or not SmartConnect is the best fit for your team, we’d encourage you to reach out to your partner as a starting point. We have AMAZING partners who are highly trained on our products. If you’d like to ask us your questions directly, send ’em our way! Please send your questions and if needed, we can even set up a call to speak with you directly on your project. (Email And, if you already have your questions answered, skip to step 2! 

Step 2: To Bundle or Not to Bundle
Though you can purchase SmartConnect on it’s own, we’ve also bundled it with SmartView, SmartList Builder, Node Builder and SmartPost, or Extender Enterprise so you can take advantage of a discounted rate.If you need the bundle options, visit our shop page or email You know what to bundle? Skip to step 3!

Step 3: Independent or Outsourced; Have a Plan
Really – you get to choose. If you want to be independent on SmartConnect – build your own integrations, support yourself, train all your users – that’s just fine! If you make that choice though, be sure you get training from your Reseller or through eOne. The most successful customers I work with have a plan as to how they want to accomplish their integration project and who’s going to do it. So – let us know your plan and we can make recommendations on the services you need. Already have a plan and you’re sticking to it? Move on to Step 4!

Step 4: Move forward
If you haven’t yet, let your Dynamics reseller know that you’d like to move forward with SmartConnect! They can then get a quote or invoice your way and get you on the road to utilizing SmartConnect. As soon as you pay for SmartConnect, you’ll have reg keys available to use! Let us know if you need any help by emailing 

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all! We are here to help! Email for questions on any of the steps above. 
We look forward to working with you and helping your integration project to be a seamless and successful one!