Throughout the year eOne’s website has gone through some remodeling to make it easier and more efficient for you to navigate and find what you’re looking for. To make it even easier we’ve listed some beneficial links to the major points on our site and how they can assist you as you navigate our site:

Shop: You can purchase all of our software, bundles, training, support and services through our eOne shop. Please note that you will need a login for our site to process an order. If you do not have one or forgot it please email 

Downloads: You won’t need a login to download our latest and previous versions of our software. Here you will also download Templates, Manuals, Release Notes and Documentation to our products.

Events: Registering for training? Wondering when our public demos are? Looking to see what eOne is up to? Look no further – our events calendar lists all of our trainings, demos, webinars and events. Click on one of them for more details and to sign up for them!

Knowledge Base/Community Forum: Got a question? Be sure to search in our Knowledge Base for any articles on the issue. We are always updating our Knowledge Base to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. Our Forum is also a great place to check and see if someone else has had the same issue as you.

Partner Page: Interested in becoming a partner of ours or are you already? Be sure to check out our partner page as it’s loaded with information on why you should become an eOne reselling partner and other things that can benefit you – such as our downloads section which includes the latest training/support options and our current price list. 

Any questions? Check out our contact page to see the best person to contact on our team!