Convergence 2011 is going to be a great event. The eOne development team have been heads down for some time and we will be presenting a whole bunch of new functionality and products. I will highlight all of the NEW things in the next few days via this blog.

Whatch out for:
1. SmartPost
2. New SC Destination: SQL script and Stored Procedure
3. New SC Destination and Source: Sales Force
4. New SC Destination: File (Excel, txt and csv)
5. New SmartView
6. SC stand alone interface.

What I think is most exciting is that SmartConnect goes it alone with its own standalone user interface. That’s right you get to install SmartConnect on any environment, even if there is no Microsoft Dynamics GP. The functionality is maintained 100% from the current release and the look and feel remains familiar to existing users. The great thing is that you no longer need to log into Dynamics GP to build a map.

Why is that so cool?

1. Much Better for CRM consultants: If you want to integrate GP and CRM together then you can do it all without ever logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Smartconnect application acts as an independent integration application.

2. Neutral Territory: It was often an issue for Non GP consultants or IT prrofessionals to log in to a GP look and feel environment for building maps. While SmartConnect still looks the same -it is neutral territory for all consultants.

3. No Longer use up a GP license to build you integrations.

4. Build you maps on any workstation you choose, including machines without GP installed.

5. The SmartConnect market just got a whole lot bigger. You can import data to CRM or any other applications for clients that do not have GP.

6. The new UI fits perfectly with the new data destinations in SmartConnect including: Direct SQL, Stored Procedure, Sales Force, export File. All of this allows you to use SmartConnect for almost all your integration needs.

For all our existing customers and implementers – nothing changes. You are still able to run the GP interface both now and in future builds of SmartConnnect. The independent interface is an option during install and you can determine when and if you need to use it. If you would like more information about the Stand Alone user interface for SmartConnect please let me know.