At eOne/Popdock we are always looking for ways to simplify things to make it easier for our end users to virtually integrate there data into environments without needing to learn how to code or copy and paste any code.  When integrating a widget inside of Salesforce we use to have you copy the embed code from the widget page and paste it to Salesforce to create a visualforce page.  With our new updated Salesforce connector you can now push the visualforce page code to your Salesforce environment and this allows you to edit a page and embed the widget into the page without needing to copy any code over to Salesforce.

This method allows you to configure a basic widget without any parameters or you can use Salesforce data from the page you are using the widget to send in the data as a parameter to the widget.  What this means is if you have, for example, an email on your Customer page and you want to embed a widget on that page, but you want the widget to filter on the email of the customer.  This is where you can easily configure your widget and send that email into the widget and have a widget that filters based on the Customer you are looking at.

Here is the video from our eOne 2021 Event, that will take you through explaining what a virtual integration is and then demoing how the new Salesforce connector works with publishing widgets to your environment: