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Stripe Reporting

Reporting across all your Stripe payment data has never been easier.
Core Experience Payment Reporting
Created By eOne Solutions
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Self-Service Reporting
Embedded Reporting
Cross App Reporting
Pre-Built Reports
Self-Service Reporting

Popdock changes the reporting experience, it allows end users to create and customize their favorite reports with some pretty intuitive features that don’t require being a data scientist:

  • Get unlimited filtering with advanced comparison options – periods (daily, monthly, quarterly, annual options) and compare to other data.​
  • Search​
  • Add/Remove Columns​
  • Group/Subgroup​
  • Quickly create charts​
  • Share, tag, and export​
  • Use any lists in the Popdock Add-in for Excel
  • Enable an API endpoint for anyPopdock list to use in PowerBI or Tableau

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Simple interface for users​
  2. Less IT and information requests​
  3. Secure data access

Licensing Required

Popdock Basic Plan or above.

Embedded Reporting

Popdock widgets allow you to embed any data in other applications as an iFrame. ​

In the case of Stripe data, a very popular use case is embedding Stripe billing information in CRM on the related customer’s account record or similarly, in your support’s helpdesk application. ​

This insight is helpful for your team to work efficiently and have better conversations with your customers.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Simplify complex integration.​
  2. Intuitive interface built for users.​
  3. Many options to get to details.

Licensing Required

Popdock Basic Plan or above.

Cross App Reporting

Combine Stripe data and data from other applications with Custom Lists.

Bring data together from across various Stripe tables and also with data from other apps.​

Without writing a single line of code, Popdock makes it possible to:

  • Join data from multiple sources into one list based on field. ​
  • Compare similarities and differences between lists. ​
  • Merge data into a single list. ​
  • Summarize data from multiple sources into a single list.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. SQL-level power to join data.​
  2. Bring cloud and on-premise data together.​
  3. Join your custom data and add calculations.​
  4. No developers required.

Licensing Required

Popdock Business Plan or above.

Pre-Built Reports

Connect to the Stripe data you need. These are just a few of the default lists that come with thePopdock Stripe connector:

  • Coupons​
  • Customers​
  • Disputes​
  • Invoice Items​
  • Invoice Lines​
  • Invoices​
  • Order Items​
  • Orders​
  • Payments​
  • Products​
  • Refunds​
  • SKUs​
  • Subscription Plans​
  • Subscriptions​
  • Transfers

Take any of these out-of-the-box lists, modify them, or simply use them as a “template” to create new favorites that suit what you need.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Access starting points for your reports​
  2. Modify lists to meet your needs​
  3. Immediate value for Quickbooks Reporting.

Licensing Required

Popdock Basic or above.

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